Survival Wars
Nordic Heavy Cruiser

Nordic Confederation's Cruiser orbiting Dubris II

Date 2439-2446
  • Over 250 millions
  • High, incalculable, maybe billions

The Survival Wars are a series of conflicts that happened in the first half of the 25th Century, involving much of the Human Factions against the alien race known as Qwathi. These wars have been called "Survival Wars" because the Qwathi tried to destroy every human colony and settlement in the Belt Rim before and in the Inner Belt then.


Thousand of free colonist established settlements, mining outposts and scientific installations all over the Belt Rim during the last decades of the 24th Century, while most of the major factions refused to construct anything than military posts. Magmorean merchants and entrepreneur founded instead many colonies and extracting sites, exploring the Belt Rim and going even farther, outside the universally known human space. Sightings of aliens were simply archived to general psycosis or imaginary views, and humans settled even faster in the beginning of the 25th Century, spreading all over the space. Belt Rim has been colonized by several pacifist and religious movements, and also by refugees from many local wars, being extremely weak and defenseless, due to the complete lack of regular military organization. In the 2430s many factions looked up at extending their territories to the Belt Rim, lured by virgin lands, high mining veins and that launched a massive competition to introduce their forces in the sector, generating some low intensity conflicts that become quickly permeating the Belt Rim.

The Incredible DiscoverEdit

The human expansion continued, and in 2439, independent colonists found a settlement on Asand III, a desert-like dry world in the Asand System, to establish an important Hydrogen processing installation. Their outpost was nominally under the protection of the Brotherhood of Space, a mercenary rogue company, that at the time coerced many minor colonies to pay in exchange for protection, and the settlement, called Wishnor, was overseen by a little group of mercenaries. As the Dr. Jan Maczek move out Wishnor, exploring the surface with a dozen of scientists and militians stumbled upon the presence of a mysterious settlement hidden under a dune, from whom went out the first aliens spotted by mankind, the Qwathi, lizard-like two-legged aliens, who shot and killed half of the Maczek's party. When Dr. Maczek and survivors went back to Wishnor they found out that the colony has been destroyed after the massacre of over 5.000 settlers. Ever since human knew that they weren't alone as they thought.

An Extermination PathEdit

Qwathi showed their presence in many dry and hot colonies, where humans lived for years without noticing the aliens. Their wrath was incredible, with the reported destruction of over 25 colonies between April, 2439 and June, 2439. Human factions weren't interested in what was happening in the Belt Rim, while Magmorean forces kidnapped hundreds of Qwathi for studying purposes in the Summer 2439. Until the Harmanrik Massacre, in October 2439, Humans felt safe in the colonies that haven't dry and desertic climate, thinking that the Qwathi weren't able to space fly, but hundreds of small and agile ships appeared on the skies of Harmanrik, the most populated planet in the Belt Rim and capitol world of the so-called Belt Rim Union, an immature political subject that gathered several colonies in the area. The Qwathi easily destroyed the military forces of Harmanrik and undiscriminately killed all the five millions of colonists, using their major ships to nuke the planet and to vitrify the planet surface. The hysteria become endemic in the two successive months, with other 65 colonies, the majors in the Belt Rim, being annihilated, and with the major factions being concerned about the matter. Also colonies and backwater installations of Magmore Alliance, Nordic Confederation and Royal Dominion have been destroyed, and the Qwathi's strategy seemed to be the total extermination of the humans, in order to colonize the Belt Rim.

The Belt Rim CampaignEdit

The concern for the Qwathi invasion grew during the spring of the 2440, when dozens of minor and also major settlements in the Belt Rim were wipen out by the aliens' wrath.  First signals of organized opposition were mainly led by mercenary companies funded by local trade guilds and from minor major factions' garrisons. One of them, the Birrmur's 565th Freedom Marines company provided a strong resistance in the planetary defense, allowing the escape of the larger part of the civilian population in May, 2440. This event is really uncommon in the 2440 Belt Rim Campaign, as most of the lesser human settlements were destroyed by the Qwathi who didn't encounter any opposition to their extermination offensive. Magmore Alliance recalled its Troop Register in the measure of two thirds, boosting up its military to prevent the Qwathi to cut off the communications with the far Horran Quadrant. The emergency also didn't stop the short quarrel between Sun Empire and Royal Dominion that provoked a four months total war in the 2440 fall. Qwathi fleet arrived to a standoff with the Seven Republics' expeditionary force to the Wyndham Sector on 13rd October, when half of the expeditionary force, led by Admiral John Martinez, was destroyed but that maintaned safe the route to the Wyndham Sector. Very soon the Qwathi eradicated every colony in the Belt Rim and showed themselves in the Inner Belt defeating a small Sun Empire's patrol and then burned down the entire Henang System on 4th - 21st January, 2441. As a sort of retaliation for the destruction of its colonies in the Belt RimMagmore Alliance's fleet, led by Admiral August Narvaez, attacked the Qwathi's base on Lipomo II killing millions of Qwathi in the far Belt Rim and then retreating to the homeland space. For the first time, in the March 2441, some of the factions flattened their disagreements on the Penala Conference, hosted by the small Kandwana Empire, urging to finding a common solution to the Qwathi's invasion. Just few days after, all the Royal Dominion's embassy to the conference was annihilated by the aliens, who appeared in the deep human space, killing in that circumstance George of Anglia, the royal heir to Emperor William XIIIQwathi's raid in the Inner Belt worsened very fast, as in the May-June, 2441, four big fleets threatened the Nordic Confederation, the Sun Empire, the Magmorean Alliance and the several minor factions of the Hinata Cloud

General Hiaozi's OffensiveEdit

Second Campaign of Belt RimEdit

After Dubris BattleEdit

End of the WarEdit