Magmore Alliance
Magmorean Alliance
Capitol World Wellara
Founded 2151 as Trade Consortium
Form of Government Commercial Plutocracy
Head of State President Anthony Jenus

The Magmore Alliance is one of the most important factions in the Human space in the 25th century. Dating back from the last decades of the 22nd century, Magmore Alliance is one of the historical main factions of the Inner Belt, with his capitol world of Wellara. As 2495, the Magmore Alliance has lost much of his military power and economic strength due to the consequences of Survival Wars.


The Trade ConsortiumEdit

The roots of the Magmore Alliance go back to the original Trade Consortium, created by many important industries and space freighters in the 2151, as a syndicate to control the flow of goods and commodities from the Oort Cloud to control the price. This cartel had been functioning for all over the 22nd Century, becoming more and more important with the discovery of Generational Space Flight, that allowed the travel in hibernated stasis for human beings. Trade Consortium broke up during the Third World War in the first half of the 23rd Century and his participant continued to send generational ship to farther area, until reaching the Inner Belt region, plenty of planets and rich resources. During the War, even if the Syndicate had been discharged, the corporations still organized themselves, merging one in another, upon national basis before and then in alliance basis after. At the end of the Third World War, in 2261, the Syndicate was revived, and some of the Generational Ships had already arrived in the Inner Belt, establishing many small commercial outposts.

The Magmore TreatyEdit

As the communication between the Earth and the Inner Belt were slow (even twenty years), the Third World War continued on local basis, with the single outpost attacking the other relying upon supposed terran conflicts. Finally, in 2282, the first ship from Earth arrived, dictating the peace between the colonies, landing in Magmore. Here, the terrans and ten of the existing colonies accepted the signing of a Treaty involving the creation of a political and economical federative subject of the outposts, in the spirit of the old Trade Consortium tradition. The Magmore Alliance quickly become more important than its originator, the Trade Consortium, recruiting valuable military, scientist and brilliant youngsters from the Earth, in order to create a strong power in the Inner Belt region, at the time similar to the Old West Frontier, with scattered colonies based only on violence and greed. Around the 2315 population reached the peak of 29 millions, making the Magmore Alliance the most populated faction in the Inner Belt, and facing lots of minor conflicts with independent colonies and developing factions such as Royal Dominion, Nordic Confederation and Free Colonies.

Emerging as a Dominant FactionEdit

During the 24th Century none faction could even think to attack or deal with Magmore Alliance, which relocated his capitol to Endovia, the most-earthen like planet in the Inner Belt, after having eradicate an earlier independent colony. More and more businesses entered in the Magmore Alliance, also from the rival factions, increasing the number of colonies, settlements, mining fields and outposts of the Alliance, whose commercial fleet was double than the sum of the other factions' fleets for the first half of the 24th Century. From Earth, during the first decades of the Century, arrived others millions of refugees, who the Alliance assigned to dozens of newly colonized worlds in the Inner Belt, and for the first time also in the Belt Rim. Magmore Alliance never took part in big wars like Nordic Confederation, Sun Empire or Free Colonies, but kept a strong fleet able to deploy forces everywhere in the Inner Belt, ensuring the peace and the development of his own colonies. The Alliance intervened in 2385 in the Kavelian War between the Royal Dominion and the Jahenian Union, that began as a dispute over the mining rights in a territory strait between two important Magmorean system: the Zevonia System and the Ormetian System. The intervention resulted in wiping out most of the Jahenian Holy Fleet in the Battle of Zebulon in September, 2385 and in the Battle of Victoria and the Siege of New Britannia in 2385-2387, forcing both the Jahenian and the Royal to retreat from Kavelia System, that was put under Magmorean protectorate.

The Destruction of EndoviaEdit

As the Magmore Alliance showed his power all over the Inner Belt during the 24th Century, its colonies did the same, spreading in the Horran Quadrant and organizing large parts of the Belt Rim in his Syndicates. The wealth continued to ensure the highest standard of life for the citizens of the Alliance, often falling back in opulence and hedonism. Endovia reached the monstrous population of 100 million inhabitants in the 2430, being the biggest human concentrantion since the flee from Earth. In the earliest decades of the 25th Century there were the first signs of decadence of Magmorean mighty, with the debacle suffered in 2436 by the Magmorean Fleet at Aendma II, were the Sun Empire's fleet, outnumbered 3 to 1, could be able not only to defeat the Magmorean forces but also to capture the Rear Admiral Harvey Chang and over 35 vessels, for whom the Magmorean Alliance paid an extraordinary ransom and granted exclusive commercial grants for the Sun Empire. The Survival Wars wiped out every colony in the Belt Rim between 2439 and 2441, cutting off also the communication with the Horran Quadrant's settlements. Rear Admiral Narvaez led Magmorean Fleet against Qwathi's base on Lipomo II, on the outer border of the Belt Rim, in February 2441, smashing and killing millions of Qwathi civilians, then they retreated at the border of the Inner Belt. In December 2441, the Qwathi's forces, after having broken the Royal Dominion defenses in the Battle of Wear, stormed in Magmorean space, invading and then burning down Endovia, the capitol world of Magmorean Alliance. The new leadership of the Magmoreans began immediately the negotiations for the creation of the Alliance, sacrificing his fleet in the Battle of Hitaku in 2444, while the Alliance was building his new forces, allowing the construction of the fleet. The Magmoreans then showed their knowledge about the Belt Rim and the Outer Belt Rim , pointing out where the Qwathi could even be in addition to the enormous financial effort in favour of the Alliance.

The Horran Protectorate and the Memnon IssueEdit

Just after the War, Magmorean had lost half of their population (circa) and almost the entire military fleet, while the commercial marine was obsolete and damaged. The fall of economic cycle in almost Inner Belt caused strong economic disparity between the population, with the appeareance of famine, poverty and disease in most of the Magmorean worlds. There was also the problem with the self-proclamate Horran Protectorate, by four of the six systems in the Horran Quadrant; instability, distance and complete lack of communication led the local politicians to secede from the Magmorean Alliance during the Survival Wars, creating the new political subject. Magmorean answered hiring pirates and mercenary fleets in 2470 getting off the beginning of the several Horran Wars, concluded with the signing of the Treaty of Horran in 2493, recognizing the independece of the Horran Protectorate and defining the borders of Magmorean territory. After the end of the Survival Wars, many colonist moved to the Memnon Quadrant, establishing many settlements and outposts, exploiting minerary resources and trying to boost the stagnant Magmorean economy. During these last twenty years (2475-2495), there were many notices of attacks that wiped out entire outposts, slaying every colonist and then setting fire to the settlement. Evidences make think that the provenience of the attacks isn't human, but Magmorean authorities continue to deny, refusing the existance of other alien races over Qwathi, carrying on mining and establishing colonies in Memnon Quadrant.


Magmore Alliance (as 2494) controls 31 major planets and over 79 colonies, with thousands of minor outposts, settlements and colonies. Its territories are scattered all over the Inner Belt, including the important systems of Magmore SystemHauntea SystemKavelia SystemWellara SystemAltaria SystemZevonia System, Javaria System, Kolbree System and Destree System. Magmoreans control also two important systems in the Horran Quadrant: Smyrnea System and Karnasson System, plus several dozens of minor colonies and outposts. The Shiny Dust have hundreds of minor settlements, gathered around the presence of the big artificial station of Goldust Installation, while in the Memnon Quadrant the Fanara System operates as Syndication capitol.

Major PlanetsEdit


Historically Magmorean Economy had been the strongest of the Inner Belt, relying on commerce, financial institutions and the exploitation of his thousands mining and farm worlds. After the Survival Wars, with the destruction of Endovia, large part of the banking industry and of the industrial net has been eliminated, resulting in a shortage in credit industry and almost the absence of a solid manufacturing industry. Today, after the Horran Wars and the Memnon Quadrant's colonization, the Magmorean economy shows some improvements, thanks to the low price commodities from the new colonies and the rebuilded (even if in a size that is a third of the previous) and revived financial sector, that has been able to reactivate commerce and occupation.

Economics FactsEdit

  • Official Currency: Magmorean Credit
  • Nominal GDP (2495): 1253,6 Billions of Magmorean Credits
  • GDP Growth (2494): + 3,2%
  • Trade Balance/GDP: + 2,1%
  • Unemployment Rate: 10,6%


Magmorean Population exceeds the 179 millions, and citizenship is recognized to everyone was born in a Magmorean territory. The major part of the population lives in the Inner Belt (around the 25% lives in the Wellara and Altaria System) but circa the 10% of the Magmorean citizens lives in the two Horran Syndicates (Smyrnea System and Karnasson System). Population has an average growth of 1,5% by year and is growing younger (26,7 years/capita).


Magmorean Alliance lists population by phenotype, having recognized citizenship to every born in his territory. From the last census (2490), 35% is listed as "Tanned", 31% as "White", 27% as "Yellow" and 17% as "Black". Other listings include the populations that don't speak Common Language or its dialects, revealing seventeen minorities, including: German (three communities), French (two communities), Polish, ItalianChinese (three communities), RussianSwahiliDutchSpanish (three communities), consisting in 5,45 millions of people who doesn't speaks Common Language at home and listed as "Bilingual Communities"


Magmorean official language is the Common Language, teached in the schools and used as media and political tongue. Howewer there aren't native speakers of the Common, but millions of native speakers of its variants and different dialects, which are hundreds. The most known dialects of the Common in the Magmorean Alliance are the Horran, the Altarian and the Endovian. The semi-canon dialect of Common in Magmorean Alliance was the Endovian, recently surpassed by the Altarian, which mixes elements shared by most of the speakers of the varieties.As above mentioned there are seventeen minor languages spoken in several colonies and outposts, for a total of 5,45 milions of people that is native speaker.


The population of the Alliance is primarly atheist or irreligious, but exist many different cults: the largest denomination (by far) is the Universal Christian Church, followed by the Sampabha, an ancient religion coming form the re-elaboration of Buddhist teachings, and by the Zenochite Ryte, a new cult combining philosophy and occultism. There are then hundreds of minor congregations of christian and islamic inspiration and dozens of pagan rytes.


Magmore Alliance doesn't keep a regular Army, relying on the use of mercenary and militia for the military operations. Instead, there are some private troops company based in single systems of the Alliance:

The Troops RegisterEdit

The Troops Register consists in a list of recognized military indepedent branches, comprehending Mercenary force, Pirate flotillas, smugglers gangs and paramilitary troops. These organizations provide military aid to the Magmorean Alliance in exchange for money or others privilege. The manpower of these military forces is around the 800-1000 thousand of soldiers, pirates, smugglers and troopers, allowing the Magmore Alliance to boost up faster his military if necessary.

The Magmore Allied GuardEdit

Magmore Allied Guard consists in a paramilitary elite force, well trained and extremously scarce in manpower (under the 100.000 troopers). Its equipment ranges from high technology combat suits to cybernetic implants, allowing the Guard to be deployable and effective all over the regions of space, from earthen-like planets to barren moons and even into the deep space. There are ten Squadrons of the Guard:

  • White Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Wellara
  • Blue Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Altaria
  • Red Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Wyncella
  • Yellow Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Magmore
  • Green Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Smyrnea
  • Orange Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Goldust Installation
  • Violet Squadron, 10.000 manpower, Fanara
  • Silver Squadron, 10.000 manpower, shipped as Expeditionary Force One
  • Gold Squadron, 10.000 manpower, shipped as Expeditionary Force Two
  • Black Squadron, 10.000 manpower, listed as Special Force

​The Magmorean Fleet

As today (2495), the Magmorean Fleet is deeply under complement, with many ships obsolete and damaged and several lack in the border patrol system. In the 2490-2500 there were the first renewals of the fleet, with the new Altaria-class Main Battleship "Endovia" commissioned in 2491 and the introduction of the new Gunship Zeesroe-class in 2493, with over twenty ships commissioned as today. The Fleet is organized into five Regional Commands:


Magmorean Alliance is organized as a Commercial Plutocracy, politics rights are in proportion to the wealth of the Citizen, so we have the division of the population in Five Classes: Citizen, Bailiff, Merchant. Knight and Senator, each of them elects among its ranks its representatives in ratio of the cumulate wealth, electing thus the High Allied Commitee, the legislative branch of power, within the wealthiest are chosen to act as Government and the President is indirectly elected. The Systems who participate to the Magmore Alliance have large autonomy about local politics and administration but not in the fiscal and military power.